Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ethereum Mixer?

An Ethereum mixer, is a service that use technologies and trick in order to anonymize Ethereums. Our ETH Mixer will break transfer your ethereums from one of your wallet to another of your wallet without any trail, therefore, your new wallet will be anonymous and unknown to the people/entities that were looking at your old ethereum wallet!

Do you charge fees?

Yes, in order to maintain this service, we have to charge small fees on our customers. However, you are the one who choose how much you want to give us, the lowest possible fees are 0.5 percent of the mixed amount.

Ethereums Mixer or Ethereums Tumbler ?

These two terms refer to the exact same service.

What are the limitation of your Ethereums Mixer?

To offer a better mixing experience, we decided to not spend resources for low ETH mixes, therefore we require a minimum of 0.04ETH per mix, also, transactions over 250ETH will face a longer mixing delay.

What should I do if I get disconnected?

Whatever happens, all the mixing orders are automatically processed, so just wait for the delay and watch your receiving address. You can also resume your mix by using the Order ID that was given to you (it is valid for 24hours).

How long does a mix takes?

The Ethereum blockchain technology is pretty fast, if not instantaneous. And because our ethereums mixer is prefilled, your mixing order can be immediate, however we suggest you to set a one hour delay at least.

What crypto can I mix?

Our mixer only works for Ethereums ONLY! However you will be able to find great bitcoins mixer, or even tether mixer by searching for them on internet.

Can I contact you ?

For sure, you can contact us 24h, either by email at [email protected] or by going on our "Contact page".