Today . We already successfully mixed: 28.587 ETH.

Ethereums Mixer

Cleaning and anonymizing your Ethereums becomes an easy task thanks to

To anonymize your internet connection, think about VPNs:

High Speed

Get your Ethereums mixed in minutes and enjoy anonymity.

Fair Fees

Our ETH mixing fees start ar 0.5% today.


With no logs, and no registration enjoy anonymity.

Against KYC

We see KYC as abusive, and don't comply with it.

Three Steps to Freedom

Fill the order form with your new Ethereum address to receive the clean ETH, set up a delay and choose your fees.
Transfer your ethereums to the Mixer's address that will be given to you, when your ETH reach the mixer, the mixing process will start.
After minutes, the ethereums mixing process will be done and you will receive your anonymous ethereums to the destination address you chose.

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